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Our Crest Unit serves the needs of persons with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.

  • The unit provides an environment in which a resident's behavior is understood and accepted.

  • An approach to care that helps minimize confusion, disorientation and anxiety, and raises the resident's self-esteem.

  • Services to increase independence.

  • A home-like environment designed for comfort, safety and security.

  • Door security system.

  • Effective medical management directed by physicians.

  • A gentle, loving, patient and professional staff which is specially trained.

  • Round-the-clock specialized nursing care.

  • Individual care plans for each resident.

  • Continuous monitoring of drug therapies by a registered pharmacist.

  • A comprehensive, therapeutic dietary program of nutritious, appetizing meals.

  • Recreational therapy and routine physical exercise.

  • Orientation, remotivation, and other current therapeutic techniques.

  • Family counseling by a social worker.

  • Caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease can be difficult and demanding.  Our "Crest" unit is dedicated to that task.  Residents, families and staff are all rewarded.

  • Our motto: "Appreciation for Life"