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Persons who are discharged from the hospital, but who need more medical attention than can be provided in the home will find our Short Term Stay to be just the ticket
  • Skilled rehabilitative nursing helps residents resume their former lifestyles and take their places in the community.
  • A discharge plan is prepared upon admission by our team of doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals.
  • Long and short-term goals are established to achieve the greatest potential of each resident.
  • Our therapy services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual...such as relearning to walk...strengthening weakened limbs...resuming the activities of daily living.
  • Our Speech Therapy program helps stroke victims regain the ability to talk and swallow.  We also work to correct reading, writing, or comprehension problems.
  • Nutritious appetizing meals are served in our pleasant dining room.
  • Our staff dietitians will accommodate special diet requirements.
  • Our warm, home-like environment provides a pleasant place for recuperating.
  • Activities such as card games, discussion groups, arts and crafts make life at our home rich and stimulating.
  • We work closely with your doctor and family to shorten the length of stay as much as possible.