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Persons who are unable to meet the financial requirements, but require 24 hour nursing care may receive medical assistance benefits.  If a private pay resident can no longer pay for his/her care, he too can qualify for medical assistance provided that 24 nursing care is warranted.
  • Level of care is determined by your physician and certified by the Division of Health.  Medical need is the criteria for determining the level of care.  Persons requiring Intense Skilled, Skilled, or Intermediate Care Level I or II meet the medical assistance requirements.
  • To be eligible for medical assistance a single person's assets must fall within allowed limits.
  • The asset limits for a married couple are different than for a single person.  The assets of the spouse remaining at home are protected by current law.
  • It is advisable that the prospective resident and/or his spouse obtain one or more of the following trusts if affordable:
    • An irrevocable funeral trust.
    • A burial vault trust.
    • A casket trust.
  • Trusts may be obtained through the funeral home of your choice.  A $1500 (face value) in life insurance is also allowed and may be purchased at any age or health status though a private agency, funeral home or the nursing home administrator.
  • The above trusts are set aside as indicated and will not be counted in the allowed liquid amount.
  • Application for medical assistance is made through the Juneau County Human Services Department.  In certain circumstances, the county of original residence may be used.
  • Our staff Social Worker or Administrator will assist you and gladly answer any further questions you have about medical assistance eligibility.