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¨      A person's medical and daily living needs may best be met with 24 hour care and supervision.  Continuity of care, administration of medication and on-going nursing assessments are important factors to consider. 

¨      24 hour skilled and intermediate level nursing care is provided by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants.  The resident's personal physician heads the medical team and  prescribes medications, diet and therapies to meet specific needs.  Medications are continuously assessed by our consultant pharmacist to ensure full therapeutic benefit. 

¨      Our nurses are trained in the following specialties:

§         peritoneal dialysis

§         pain control

§         tracheostomy care

§         pacemaker checks

§         post surgery recuperative care

§         tube feedings/gastrostomy tubes

§         total parenteral nutrition

§         colostomy care

§         Suprapubic and foley catheters

§         Hickman catheters

§         IV therapy

§         Terminal care 

¨      Rehabilitation is an important aspect of care.  On-premise speech, physical and occupational therapy can improve communication and function to promote wellness and self worth.

¨      Specialized care for persons with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias is provided.  Please see the “CREST” unit for more information. 

¨      Long term care does not mean dependence.  Residents are encouraged and assisted to maintain or achieve their highest level of physical and mental functioning.


¨      A team of professionals including nurses, a full time social worker, activity personnel, dietitian and food service supervisor work together to develop an individualized plan of care to meet medical, psychosocial and dietary needs. 

¨      Daily activities are vital to overall wellness and often can not be duplicated in a less structured setting.  Opportunity for socialization, companionship, physical and mental stimulation promote positive self concept and expression.  The Program Director schedules a variety of activities to meet individual needs and abilities.  There is something for everyone! 

¨      Our “wellness” approach to care includes spiritual expression.  Weekly ecumenical worship is conducted by clergy for local protestant churches.  Our Catholic residents may attend weekly rosary group and receive Communion.  Mass is monthly.  Private visits with the resident’s clergy are arranged on a regular basis. 

¨      Housekeeping, in-house laundry and maintenance staff ensure a safe, sanitary environment.  Residents may bring in personal possessions for their rooms as space allows. 

¨      Family members are expected to continue a normal relationship with their resident.  Dining here with the resident, visits, and including the resident in family activities are encouraged.  Home visits for the day or overnight, when possible, are part of the resident’s plan of care. 

¨      It is our objective to preserve dignity, respect life, and appreciate those in need while providing quality care.