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The following are the State of Wisconsin requirements for admission to a health care and rehabilitation center.  When being discharged from a hospital or coming directly from home, the State requires that the following documents be received by the nursing home:

1.  A medical history and physical examination report.  This information must be current within 15 days prior to admission and must be completed by the resident's own physician.

2.  Chest X-Ray report.  There must be a chest x-ray taken within the three month period prior to admission.

3.  Admission or transfer orders signed by the resident's own physician with current medication (prescription) order and any other special orders for care.

4.  An agreement of the physician to visit the resident as required by State regulation.  If your physician is unable to visit our facility, the Social Worker maintains a roster of physicians who routinely visit the facility for you to choose from.

5.  We have a pre-admission screening committee who will review resident's medical condition and make appropriate nursing home placement decisions.  The Director of Nursing, MDS Coordinator, and Social Worker are members of this committee.

6.  Documents required to be included for admission are the resident's social security card, Medicare Card, Medicaid and other insurance cards if applicable, a copy of resident's Power of Attorney (POA), Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney Document (HPOA), or Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form.